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Special Seminars

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Date Speaker Topic Resources
04/02/2013 Catherine Woteki, PhD Public Health and Food Security: The Nutrition Nexus  
08/13/2013 Christine L. Pelkman, PhD Resistant Starch-Physiological Benefits of a Unique Dietary Fiber  
08/13/2013 Steven B Heymsfield MD Evolving Concepts on Human Energy Expenditure video
02/24/2014 Scott Pletcher PhD Hijacking the senses: Modulation of healthy aging in Drosophila through perceptual systems video
02/27/2014 Rita R Colwell, PhD Oceans, Climate, and Human Health: the Cholera Paradigm video
04/21/2014 Hyeyoung Nam, PhD Chronic hypoxia with dietary iron deficiency triggers catabolic state in mice liver  
12/04/2014 Arthur H Rubenstein, MBBCH The Evolution of Penn Medicine During The Decade 2001‐2011; Implications For Academic Leadership