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Special Seminar - Hyeyoung Nam, PhD

Hyeyoung Nam, PhD

“Chronic hypoxia with dietary iron deficiency triggers catabolic state in mice liver ”

Mon 4/21/2014
2:00 - 3:00 PM

The Edge of Chaos, Atrium
Lister Hill Library (LHL), 4th floor

1700 University Boulevard, Birmingham AL 35294

Seminar Flyer

Hyeyoung Nam PhD: Hyeyoung was born in Seoul, South Korea. She received a master’s degree in Food Chemistry from Kon-Kuk University in South Korea in 2003, where she studied the effects of isoflavones extracted from soybean paste in free radical initiator-treated rats. In 2010, she received her Ph.D in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Florida under the direction of Dr. Mitchell Knutson. Her dissertation research focused on iron metabolism in the liver, specifically, the effect of dietary iron deficiency and overload on Zip14 expression. During her Ph.D work, she became interested in diabetes research related to iron overload disorders. Currently, she is a research fellow in the Endocrinology Department at the University of Utah, where she studies the metabolic signature of chronic hypoxia-mediated gluconeogenesis under iron deficiency in mice liver.

Sponsored by UAB’s School of Public Health and the UAB Nutrition Obesity Research Center