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Andrew W Brown, Ph.D.

Scientist II
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Nutrition and Obesity Research Center &
Office of Energetics
WEBB 508
Phone: (205) 975-9131
Fax: (205) 975-7560
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I joined the Nutrition and Obesity Research Center in June of 2011 and subsequently joined the Office of Energetics in May of 2012. Presently, I am investigating the fidelity of the reporting of obesity-related scientific literature, as well as the strength of scientific research supporting common suggestions for affecting weight loss, weight maintenance, or the prevention of obesity.

Under the mentorship of Dr. Donald Beitz, I received my bachelor's and master's of science degrees in biochemistry with a graduate minor in statistics from Iowa State University, studying the effects of conjugated linoleic acid on markers of health in females for my thesis. Dr. Timothy Carr served as my mentor for my PhD in nutrition from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, focusing on the mechanisms of phytosterol-mediated decreases in cholesterol absorption, also with a graduate minor in statistics.


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Years: 2011 - 2014
Mentor(s): David B. Allison, Ph.D. (2012 - 2014)

In June, 2014 completed his training with us and moved on to a position as Research Scientist in the UAB Office of Energetics. He can be contacted at