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Brahim Aissani PhD

Brahim Aissani PhD
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Epidemiology
Ryals 217J
Phone: (205) 975-8663

Dr. Aissani's research interests lie in the broad area of genetic epidemiology of complex diseases and infection. The focus of his main studies is on understanding the genetic etiology of lymphomas, uterine leiomyomas (fibroids) and the immunogenetics of HIV infection and comorbidities. 

The Major Histocompatibility Complex Determinants of Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas (NHL): This study combines immunogenetic, population genetic and functional approaches to map more precisely the location of the susceptibility loci for classical and AIDS-related NHL within specific but extended and highly conserved MHC haplotypes. Inter-CFAR/CCC subcontract P30-AI045008.

Genetic Determinants of Uterine Fibroids: The major goal of this study is to evaluate the contribution of a specific region of human chromosome 1q43 implicated in rare familial cancer syndromes of the uterus, skin and kidney (HLRCC and MCUL) on the risk of uterine fibroids at the population level. R01-HD064398.

Effects of Mitochondrial Haplogroups on HIV Progression and AIDS-Related Lipoatrophy: The main objective of this study is to assess the effect of population-specific mitochondrial haplogroups on the course of HIV infection and HIV-related lipoatrophy in patients under HAART. UAB funding.