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Gregory Pavela, Ph.D.

Greg Pavela, Ph.D.
Nutrition Obesity Research Center
LHL 407
1700 University Blvd
Birmingham, AL 35294
Phone: (205) 975-9223
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I am a postdoctoral trainee in the Obesity Training Program (DK062710) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I received my PhD in Sociology from the University of Florida in 2013. My graduate research examined how the effects of past events are mediated by present social status and physical environment, and on the relative importance of individual characteristics and contextual circumstances to health. My dissertation made use of a life course perspective to investigate the link between early life disadvantage on adult body mass index (BMI). Findings suggested a contribution of neighborhood sociodemographics to adult BMI, thus I have continued to examine contextual influences on adult weight at both the neighborhood and household level. In particular, I am interested in the interpersonal influences on health behaviors among older adult couples.


  • 2013
  • 2012

Publications: Under Review

  1. Pavela, G. “Functional Status and Interruption in Social Embeddedness.” Under review at Journal of Gerontology Series B: Social Sciences (invited to resubmit as a brief report)
  2. Latham, K., P. J. Clarke and G. Pavela “The Role of Social Relationships on Recovery from Severe Mobility Limitation among Community-Dwelling Older Americans.” Under Review at Social Science and Medicine
  3. Latham, K., G. Pavela, and C. Peek “Childhood Conditions and Comorbid Accumulation among Older Americans.” Under Review at Journal of Health and Social Behavior

Publications: In Progress

  1. Pavela, G. “Non-proportional Associations Between Obesity and Elevated Glycemia.”
  2. Pavela, G. “Neighborhood Conditions and the Link Between Childhood Disadvantage and Adult BMI.”
  3. Pavela, G. “Internet Use, Frequent Feelings of Isolation, and Chronic Conditions Among Older US Adults.”
  1. Perdue, R. and G. Pavela.(forthcoming) “Addictive Economies and Coal Dependency: Methods of Extraction and Socioeconomic Outcomes in West Virginia, 1997-2009.” (2012) Organization and Environment. [doi: 10.1177/1086026612464767]


Years: 2013 - present
Mentor: Julie Locher, Ph.D.