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Lyse A. Norian, PhD

Lyse Norian, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Nutrition Sciences
WTI 320C
Phone: 996-0152
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Dr. Norian is an Associate Professor in the Department of Nutrition Sciences. She performed her doctoral research in the laboratory of Dr. Gary Koretzky at the University of Iowa, where she studied transcriptional regulation of the pro-apoptotic molecule Fas Ligand on CD8+ T cells. She then moved to the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, where she studied tumor-induced T cell and dendritic cell dysfunction as a post-doctoral fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Paul Allen. Upon completion of her training, Dr. Norian was recruited back to the University of Iowa, where she was promoted to Assistant Professor and began to study the effects of obesity on immune responses to renal tumors in the Department of Urology.

Current Research Interests:

Immune-based therapies have shown tremendous clinical potential for treating advanced cancers in a subset of patients, but their broad clinical efficacy remains limited. As obesity is a known risk factor for increased cancer prevalence and mortality, it is critical to understand how obesity impacts anti-tumor immunity and immunotherapeutic efficacy. A major research focus in my lab is investigating how immune responses to solid tumors change in the presence of chronic, diet-induced obesity. We have found that in mice with renal tumors, obesity impairs protective anti-tumor immunity and leads to immunotherapeutic failure. We are now identifying the mechanistic basis for this failure, and have already described obesity-dependent defects in CD8+ T cells, dendritic cells, and myeloid-derived suppressor cells in mice with renal tumors. To better understand the broad applicability of our findings, we are extending our studies into murine models of metastatic breast cancer. In addition, we have begun to investigate the ways in which obesity alters immune responses in renal cancer patients. Finally, as our long-term goal is to apply the fundamental knowledge gained during the course of these studies into novel, immune-based therapies for advanced cancer patients, we also have an active line of research that seeks to develop new combinatorial immunotherapies for metastatic cancers. Our pre-clinical studies in this area use in vivo imaging of localized and disseminated tumor cells in lean and obese mice to track therapeutic responses in real time.


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