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Mary Boggiano, PhD

Mary Boggiano, PhD
Associate Professor, Psychology
Office Phone: (205) 934 3850 
Fax: (205) 975 6110 


PhD, 1998, University of Texas at El Paso, Psychology 
Post-Doc, 2000, University of Cincinnati Medical College, Psychiatry 

Research Program:

Past areas of research: the development of animal models of non-homeostatic eating (e.g.,bulimia nervosa, binge-eating, and obesity). These are based on interactions between environmental factors including a history of dieting (via cyclic caloric-restriction-refeeding), stress, access to highly palatable food, and non-food cues associated with overeating. These interactions have been found to alter the brain’s opioid control of food reward and to alter stress hormone responses. Other systems studied are brain monoamines, PYY, and melanocortin hormones. Current research interests involve translation of animal findings to improve diagnosis and treatment of human binge-eating and obesity.