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Core Facilities

The Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC) is supported by four shared core resources. The cores represent distinct units with complementary physical and personnel resources that operate in an interactive pattern. The cores are:

The NORC cores are designed to support the following groups:

  • NORC Pilot/Feasibility Study recipients;
  • NORC Named New Investigator; and
  • Established investigators whose area of research interest is in concert with that of the NORC and who are seeking the services of experts and/or access to services which are not available within their academic units or which can be provided in a higher quality and more cost-efficient manner.

The cores benefit NORC investigator's research efforts by enhancing:

  • Quality through access to state-of the art research facilities and specialized expertise, with quality control of study procedures;
  • Capability with significantly greater scientific gain through the integrated approach, fostering collaborative efforts among multiple disciplines;
  • Efficiency with substantially reduced cost and investigator's time commitment by accessing centralized resources compared to operating independent laboratories and hiring separate faculty/staff; and
  • Enrichment by providing investigators and their technical personnel opportunities to learn and to further develop new research methodologies