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Craig L Maynard, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Pathology
SHEL 613
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL 35294
Phone: : (205) 996-0136
Fax: (205) 996-9113

Dr. Maynard received his BS in Biology from Midwestern State University and his doctorate in Microbiology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). He completed his postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Anatomic Pathology at UAB before joining the faculty in the Division of Molecular and Cellular Pathology.

Research Interests:

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis - the two main types of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) - are believed to be due in part to a failure of intestinal immune regulation, enabling aberrant pro-inflammatory responses to to the intestinal microbiota to ensue. Intestinal Treg cells are essential for promoting and maintaining intestinal immune homeostasis in the face of a complex microbiota and hold tremendous potential for therapeutic intervention/manipulation in IBD. Thus, one area of our work aims to define the cellular and molecular pathways that enhance regulatory T cell function during chronic gut inflammation. Moreover, because chronic IBD patients are at increased risk of developing colorectal cancer, ongoing studies will determine how these pathways can be manipulated to enhance anti-tumor immune responses in the lower bowel.

Our second area of interest is in understanding how numerous factors related to chronic inflammatory disease impacts the long term composition and function of the intestinal microbiota. For these studies, we are utilizing gnotobiotic rodents as hosts for patient microbiota, establishing an experimental system in which to interrogate microbiota-dependent physiological responses. At present, we are investigating how dietary and genetic factors associated with chronic obesity impacts the microbial function and immune responsiveness in the gastrointestinal tract.