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Chandrika Piyathilake, Ph.D.

Chandrika Piyathilake, Ph.D.
Department of Nutrition Sciences
326 Webb Nutrition Sciences Building
1675 University Blvd. Birmingham, AL 35294
Phone: (205) 934-5398 or (205) 934-7049

Representative Publications

  • Piyathilake CJ, Macaluso M, Johanning GL, Whiteside MA, Heimburger DC, Giuliano A. Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR) Polymorphism Increases the Risk of Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia. Anticancer Res 2000;20:1751-1758. 
  • Piyathilake CJ, Johanning L, Macaluso M, Whiteside MA, Heimburger DC, Grizzle, WE. Localized deficiencies of folate and vitamin B12 in lung tissues are associated with global DNA methylation. Nutr Cancer 2000;37:99-107.
  • Piyathilake CJ, Bell WC, Johanning GL, Cornwell PE, Heimburger DC, Grizzle WE. The Accumulation of Ascorbic Acid by Squamous Cell Carcinomas of the Lung and Larynx is associated with Global Methylation of DNA. Cancer 2000;89:171-6. 
  • Piyathilake CJ, Frost AR, Manne U, Weiss H, Heimburger DC, Grizzle WE. The expression of Ep-CAM (17-1A) in Squamous Cell Carcinomas of the Lung. Hum Pathol 2000;31:482-487. 
  • Piyathilake CJ, Frost AR, Manne U, Bell WC, Weiss H, Heimburger DC, Grizzle WE. The Expression of Fatty Acid Synthase (FASE) is an Early Event in the Development and Progression of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Lung. Human Pathol 2000;31:1068-73.
  • Piyathilake CJ, Johanning GL, Frost AR, Whiteside MA, Manne U, Grizzle WE, Heimburger DC, Niveleau A. Immunohistochemical Evaluation of Global DNA Methylation: Comparison with In Vitro Radiolabeled Methyl Incorporation Assay. Biotechnic & Histochemistry 2000;75:251-8.

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