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Glenn C. Rowe, PhD

Glenn C. Rowe PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiovascular Disease
McCallum Basic Health Sciences Bldg, Room 280
1918 University Blvd, Birmingham, AL 35294
Tel: (205) 975-0100
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Dr. Glenn C. Rowe received his B.S. in Biology from Brandeis University (2001) and his Ph.D. in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology from Yale University (2007) where he studied the transcriptional regulation of factors that control bone and adipose tissue homeostasis. He completed his post-doctoral training at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where his work focused on the role of transcriptional coactivators in regulating mitochondrial metabolism.

He joined the University of Alabama at Birmingham faculty in 2014 where he is currently Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Cardiovascular Disease. His research interest focuses on understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying metabolism in the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system. Dr. Rowe has a K01 Career Development award through the NIH-NIAMS, and is also a recent recipient of the UAB Pittman Scholar Award (2016).

The research interest of the Rowe laboratory focuses on understanding the molecular pathways that influence mitochondrial metabolism in response to diet and exercise, in order to improve mitochondrial function and reduce the deleterious effects of the metabolic syndrome.

Specifically, the lab studies the PGC-1 family of transcriptional coactivators and the molecular pathways they regulate in striated muscle to maintain normal mitochondrial function (including biogenesis, oxidative capacity and dynamics) and normal metabolic function. The laboratory utilizes a variety of molecular techniques, cell-based assays as well as genetically modified mouse models to understand the molecular mechanisms that control mitochondrial function.

Projects in the lab revolve around the following areas 1.) the study of mitochondrial dynamics in response to exercise, 2.) the effect of exercise on angiogenesis and mitochondrial metabolism, 3.) the characterization of new regulators of mitochondrial metabolism in striated muscle and 4.) contribution of mitochondrial function to whole body energy homeostasis.


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