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Sadanandan Velu, PhD

Sadanandan Velu, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
Chemistry Building 280
Phone: (205) 975-2478

Dr. Velu did his postdoctoral research at the University of Alabama and at Clemson University. He joined the Medicinal Chemistry division of the Center for Biophysical Sciences and Engineering at UAB in 1997 and worked as a Staff Scientist through 2004. He also held a joined appointment in the Chemistry department as a Research Faculty during the period, 2002-2004. He joined the Chemistry department as an Assistant Professor in August of 2004 and was tenured and promoted to Associate Professor Rank in 2010.

Dr. Velu holds co-appointments as an Associate Scientist at the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center and the UAB Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences. His teaching responsibilities include both undergraduate and graduate level organic and medicinal chemistry courses in the department. His research interests are in organic/medicinal chemistry, drug discovery and development, anti-cancer and anti-infective agents, structure based drug design, fragment based drug discovery, in-silico virtual screening, directed combinatorial synthesis, structure activity relationship (SAR) studies, lead optimization, solution phase parallel synthesis, synthesis of marine natural products and their analogs, development of synthetic methodologies.

Research and Teaching Interests:

Organic/Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery and Development, Anti-cancer and Anti-infective Agents, Structure Based Drug Design, Fragment based Drug Discovery, In-Silico Virtual Screening, Directed Combinatorial Synthesis, Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) Studies, Lead Optimization, Solution Phase Parallel Synthesis, Synthesis of Marine Natural Products and their Analogs, Development of Synthetic Methodologies


  • MSc, University of Calicut, India, Chemistry
  • PhD, University of Madras, India, Organic Synthesis

Selected Publications:

  1. Nijampatnam B, Casals L, Zheng R, Wu H, Velu SE, Hydroxychalcone inhibitors of Streptococcus mutans glucosyl transferases and biofilms as potential anticaries agents, Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett.2016, 26, 3508-13.
  2. Smith MR, Vayalil PK, Zhou F, Benavides GA, Beggs RR, Golzarian H, Nijampatnam B, Oliver PG, Smith RAJ, Murphy MP, Velu SE, Landar A, Mitochondrial thiol modification by a targeted electrophile inhibits metabolism in breast adenocarcinoma cells by inhibiting enzyme activity and protein levels, Redox Biology2016, 8, 136-48.
  3. Xu S, Nijampatnam B, Dutta S, Velu SE, Cyanobacterial Metabolite Calothrixins: Recent Advances in the Synthesis and Biological Evaluation, Marine Drugs2016, 14, 1-21.
  4. Ehrhardt A, Chung WJ, Pyle LC, Wang W, Nowotarski K, Mulvihill CM, Ramjeesingh M, Hong J, Velu SE, Lewis HA, Atwell S, Aller S, Bear CE, Lukacs GL, Kirk KL, and Sorscher EJ, Channel Gating Regulation by the Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator (CFTR) First Cytosolic Loop, J. Biol. Chem.2016, 1854-65.
  5. Zhang Q, Nguyen T, McMichael M, Velu SE, Zou J, Zhou X and Wu H, New Small Molecule Inhibitors of Dihydrofolate Reductase inhibit Streptococcus mutans,Int. J. Antimicro. Ag., 2015, 46, 174-82. 
  6. Vayalil PK, Oh J-Y, Zhou F, Diers, AR, Smith, MR, Golzarian H, Oliver, PG, Smith RAJ, Murphy MP,  Velu SE and Landar A,  A Novel Class of Mitochondria-Targeted Soft Electrophiles Modifies Mitochondrial Proteins and Inhibits Mitochondrial Metabolism in Breast Cancer Cells through Redox Mechanisms, PLoS One, 2015, 10:e0120460. 
  7. Xu S, Nguyen T, Pomilio I, Vitale, MC and Velu S.E, Total Synthesis of Calothrixins A and B via Oxidative Radical Reaction of Cyclohexenone with Aminophenanthridinedione, Tetrahedron2014, 70, 5928-33.
  8. Shim E-H, Livi CB, Rakheja D,  Tan J, Benson D,  Parekh V,  Kho E-Y, Ghosh AP,  Kirkman R, Velu SE., Dutta S, Chenna B,  Rea SL, Mishur RJ, Li Q,  Johnson-Pais TL, Guo L,  Bae S, Wei S, Block K, and Sudarshan S, L-2-Hydroxyglutarate: An Epigenetic Modifier and Putative Oncometabolite in Renal Cancer, Cancer Discovery, Published On-Line, Published OnlineFirst September 2, 2014, doi: 10.1158/2159-8290.CD-13-0696.