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Funded P/F Projects for 2006

Newly Funded Projects

Primary Investigator Department Topic
John Hartman Genetics Buffering DNA Replication by Regulation of Threonine Metabolic Flux
Steven Lloyd Genetics The Effect of Low Carbohydrate Diet on Myocardial Energy Substrate Utilization and Response to Myocardial Ischemia
Murat Tanik Electrical and computer engineering Intelligent Information Integration and Retrieval (I3R) System for Scientific Research and Analysis
Edmund Kabagambe Epidemiology Diet, Genetic Polymorphisms in Lipid-Metabolizing Enzymes and Antiretroviral Therapy-Related Dyslipidemia: A Pilot Study
Patrick Ramsey Ob/gyn Relationship of Maternal Obesity with Plasma Folate Levels and Response to Folic Acid Supplementation