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Funded P/F Projects for 2007

Newly Funded Projects

Primary Investigator Department Topic
Steven Lloyd (NNI) Medicine Effect of a Low-carbohydrate Diet on Myocardial Energy Substrate Utilization and Response to Myocardial Ischemia
Pia Sen Health Care Organization What Do People In Different Income Groups Buy When They Do Not Buy Fruits and Vegetables?
Kristine Lokken and Heather Austin Psychology Decision Making, Problem Solving, and Impulsivity in Obese Adolescents
Rex Wright Psychology Obesity and Effort-Related Cardiovascular Response to Performance Challenge
Andrea Cherrington Medicine Culturally Adapting a Proven Weight Loss Intervention to Reduce Diabetes Risk in Latina Immigrants
Nefertiti Durant Pediatrics Efficacy of moderate intensity exercise in promotion of weight loss and prevention of weight gain in young African American women