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Funded P/F Projects for 2010

Newly Funded Projects

Primary Investigator Department Topic
Gustavo de los Campos Biostatistics Identification and Quantification of Genetic Factors Affecting the Effect of BMI as a Risk Factor for Relevant Human Diseases and Mortality
Jong-Eun Kim (NNI) Mechanical Engineering Childhood obesity as a risk factor for traumatic injuries: A mechanistic study
Christine Duarte Biostatistics Statistical model development with applications to genetic research in obesity-related traits
Dorothy Pekmezi Epidemiology Piloting the use of accelerometers and a culturally-adapted, computer tailored physical activity intervention for African Americans
Daniel Smith Nutrition Sciences Diet and husbandry optimized for growth and reproduction in zebrafish (Danio rerio) as a predictor of reduced health and longevity
Degui Zhi Biostatistics Differential gene expression of ribosomal proteins and its implication to obesity