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Funded P/F Projects for 2013

Newly Funded Projects

Primary Investigator Department Topic
Paula Chandler-Laney (2nd Year) Nutrition Sciences Does infant feeding behavior mediate the association between maternal metabolic health during pregnancy and infant gain in adiposity?
Peggy Biga (Co-Named New Investigator) Biology Role of amino acids in the epigenetic regulation of muscle growth in determinate and indeterminate growth paradigms
Emily Dhurandhar (Co-Named New Investigator) Health Behavior Subjective Social Status as a Determinant of Fat Accretion in Response to Weight Gain
Li Li Psychology Early life origins of obesity: the relationship between early life stress and abdominal obesity in depressed patients
Kasturi Mitra Genetics Interactions between dietary components driven Insulin signaling and mitochondrial fission machinery in Drosophila ovaries: a novel approach to understand insulin related metabolic diseases